New Zealand Perspectives 2011

Friday 22nd April 2011

New Zealand perspectives 2011 should be read in conjunction with previous years' perspective documents as they are a continuation from them. In addition these perspectives should be read in conjunction with the latest World Perspective analysis and associated material from the International Marxist Tendency (IMT) and Socialist Appeal NZ.

These perspectives constitute a continuing analysis of the socio-economic crises facing New Zealand Capitalism. It applies the methods of Marxism to these processes, seeking the trends and processes within to serve as a guide to action for all workers and youth who want to struggle for the socialist transformation of society.


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Christchurch Earthquake

Socialist Appeal sends its support, sympathy and solidarity to the people of Christchurch after the  February 22nd 6.3 aftershock devastated much of Christchurch and the surrounding area.

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SFWU Gives Govt Women's Minister 90 Days Trail to deliver on equal pay

The Service and Food Workers Union Nga Ringa Tota is challenging newly appointed Nats Cabinet Minister Hekia Parata to take a lead and advance the cause of Pay Equity or stand down within her first 90 days.

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Defend Public Services: No to Public Sector Cuts & Privatisation

Prime Minister, John Key, state of the nation speech  to Parliament was the opening salvo of the general election that he later announced was to be held on 26th November. In the firing line, if the National Party is re-elected to government in November, are deep cuts to public services and the part privatisation of state assets.

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Wood Processing Industry in Crisis

According to the NDU 80 sawmill job losses just announced this afternoon confirm that the wood industry is in crisis, and that the value-added strategy is now at serious risk.

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