Government Deregulation Responsible for MV Rena Disaster

The grounding of the 236m MV Rena on the Astrolabe Reef in the Bay of Plenty exposes the lack of maritime regulation and unpreparedness of the government to respond to such a disaster.  This is New Zealand's worst environmental disaster with oil washing up on once pristine beaches destroying both wildlife  and important ecosystems. 

The Silent Revolution: The 1981 Springbok Tour

From 9th September to 23rd October, 2011, New Zealand will be the host to the 2011 Rugby World Cup. By all accounts it is shaping up to be a non-event in New Zealand with less than a third of those polled taking an active interest in the event despite rugby being the national sport of New Zealand. This is a far cry from the days when the nation would grind to a halt for international rugby matches involving the All Blacks. This lack of interest in the Rugby World Cup is not only due to the inability of thousands of working class New Zealanders to attend rugby matches but the fundamental change in attitude towards the national game that resulted from the 1981 Springbok Tour.


Defend Kiwirail Jobs

Kiwirail bosses decision to make 70 workers redundant from a workforce of 172 at its Dunedin and Lower Hutt workshops brings into question the state owned enterprise (SOE) model for nationlised industries that allows the market to dictate it business decisions.

Labour Manifesto: Socialist Economic Policy Needed

The recent announcement by the Labour Party with regard to its taxation policy for the general election is to be welcomed.  In a nutshell the policy is an attempt to tax capital, hence the rich.

Budget Protest

May 19th, 2011, was a day of protest against the planned cuts that were expected to be announced in the Budget that afternoon. It had been organised by the Council of Trade Unions and the Labour Party.