A Tale of Two Protests

Just over two thousand workers took part in a protest rally in Civic Square in Wellington on August 21st, 2010, against the 90 day “Hire and Fire at Will” law and other changes, such as the hike in GST and ACC levies, which have been imposed upon working people by the current National-led government.

South Canterbury Finance: Rich Speculators Bailed Out by You!

Under the guise of the government's Retail Deposit Guarantee Scheme the New Zealand taxpayer will pay over $400 each to bailout South Canterbury Finance. That means over $1.77 billion of your taxes handed over to the rich speculators, known to the media as investors, at a time when we are constantly being told there is no extra government funding for the public services such as schools, hospitals etc, and that cuts are the order of the day.

Labour: Socialist Policies Needed

We are constantly being told that there is one year to go to the Rugby World Cup.    What is not being stated that often is that it is also one year to go to the next general election, with the National Party still riding high in the polls!

This will be the last Labour conference before the election.  The need for coherent socialist policies has never been greater.  Worker are under attack from the bosses and their government     

Canterbury Earthquake

The recent magnitude 7.1 earthquake and the numerous aftershocks in Christchurch and the surrounding area are a reminder to us all that we live on the 'Shaky Islands'. Socialist Appeal send our sympathies to all those effected by the earthquake and especially those that face uncertainty over their housing provisions and jobs.

National's Blitzkrieg Against New Zealand Workers Continues!

On Sunday 18th July 2010 approximately 300 trade unionists protested outside the National Party Conference held in Auckland over the weekend in protest against the attacks on union and workers rights since National took power after the November 2008 elections.