In Defence of the Russian Revolution




One hundred years ago the Russian Revolution shook the capitalist world order to its foundations. Here for the first time ever, the Russian workers, led by Lenin and the Bolshevik party, took power into their own hands. The ruling classes have never forgiven this.

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[Video] Trump's victory: America's Brexit

Donald Trump's victory in the US presidential elections has delivered the biggest political upset in history; a political earthquake that has shattered the entire global Establishment, making Brexit look like a minor tremor in comparison.

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US Election 2016: On the Eve of Armageddon

The world waits with bated breath as the "leader of the free world" is selected. Election 2016 has been a rollercoaster for voters, pollsters, pundits, and candidates alike. The campaign has been like no other seen in the US for a century or more.

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America’s Brexit: To Fight Trump, Fight Capitalism!

Thus ends the “School of the Democrats.” What once seemed unthinkable—akin to an episode of the Twilight Zone—has become a surreal reality. As Hillary’s “blue wall” of “secure” states came tumbling down, tipping irreversibly in The Donald’s favour, the media pundits tried to maintain their composure, but they were clearly shellshocked—along with millions of others.

Obama offered the feeble consolation that “the sun will rise in the morning.” As night follows day, the sun will indeed rise in the morning. But it will rise over a very different world: one that has witnessed the overnight collapse of the rotten Clinton dynasty and the shattering of the lesser evil electoral strategy.


Donald Trump Gage Skidmore CC BY SA 2.0 copy

Donald Trump - Photo: Flickr

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Election 2016: America’s Most Unwanted

The champions of the free market never miss an opportunity to extol its virtues: peace, prosperity, efficiency, integrity, a wide range of freedoms, and let’s not forget: lots and lots of choices. If you work hard and play by the rules, you too can get ahead. However, far from the myth peddled by the free marketeers, capitalism is organically and incurably irrational, exploitative, and corrupt.

(Editorial of the latest edition of Socialist Appeal (USA))

Trump and Clinton - by Gage Skidmore CC BY-SA 4.0

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