New Zealand Perspectives 2015

New Zealand's economic situation is changing for the worse, as the general crisis of world capitalism is unravelling and China's growth is slowing down affecting the whole of the Pacific and Austrialia in particular. Austerity policies are being carried out by the National Party-led government, undermining the political support for the right wing and creating the conditions for an intensification of the class struggle in the period ahead. This perspectives document should be viewed as an addendum to the 2014 document, as the general processes outlined in the previous document are apparent in the present situation.



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National Win 2014 Election: Labour must go to the left and adopt genuine socialist policies



The 20 September 2014 was a bad day for the working class of New Zealand. For New Zealand workers the re-election of a National government, and for the first time under MMP with an absolute majority, does not bode well for the future of workers living standards and conditions of employment, as well as the poor. 

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New Zealand Perspectives 2014

This perspectives document is a Marxist analysis of New Zealand. Such an analysis provides Marxists with a guide to the developing situation of the country. This perspective document is not intended to be a blueprint of future events which is beyond the scope of scientific socialism and nor is it our intention to present it as such.

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Dirty Politics and the 2014 Election

Dirty politics. It's the name of a book by investigative journalist Nicky Hager. In it he claims that government ministers, including Judith Collins, passed on intelligence and other private communications about certain individuals to the controversial right-wing blogger Cameron Slater, known by his blog name Whaleoil. The book has highlighted a lot of the dirty and underhanded techniques used by this National-led government to undermine their critics though it has created some controversy in that the book has mostly reprinted e-mails that were hacked or otherwise obtained using dubious, possibly even illegal, methods.

1913 – Year of Revolution


This year sees the centenary of one of the major strikes in New Zealand. It lives on in the memory of the Labour movement along with the years 1890 (Maritime), 1906 (tram workers), 1908 (Blackball miners) and 1912 (Waihi miners).  Already planned are commemorative walks to the most important sites of the dispute in Wellington along with a re-enactment of clashes between workers and “Masseys Cossacks”. Socialist Appeal highlights the important events and the lessons of 1913 that was described as the year that revolution came to New Zealand!

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