On the evening on Saturday, December 5, John Peterson, National Secretary of the U.S. Hands Off Venezuela Campaign, presented the film "No Volveran" in Wellington, New Zealand. Some 30 people came out to see the film and speaker at the Newtown Community Centre. The event was organised by the Zapatista Support Committee, in collaboration with Hands Off Venezuela and Socialist Appeal (NZ).

John provided a brief background introduction to put the film in context, and after the film, answered several questions from the audience. Several in the audience were visibly moved by the film. A representative of the Cuban government in New Zealand came to the event and congratulated John on the presentation and film, saying he had "learned a lot". Another person in attendance said afterward that the event had "put fire in his belly". As the world economic crisis begins to affect every corner of the planet, inculding New Zealand, the revolution in Venezuela takes on even greater importance. Contact us to help build Hands Off Venezuela in New Zealand.