We are pleased to announce the first edition of Socialist Appeal magazine.  Socialist Appeal will be published on a quarterly basis.  We bring you a genuine Marxist analysis of events here in New Zealand and internationally in order to inform and educate workers.
Socialist Appeal - issue 1- contents
  • Welfare state
  • Climate change
  • Unite minimum wage referendum
  • Economy
  • USA
  • Pakistan
  • Auckland Super City               
Subscription Rates (inc postage)
New Zealand: $3 per issue or $12 for 1 year's subscription
Australia / Pacific Islands: $18 for 1 year's subscription
Rest of the World: $20 for 1 year's subscription
To place order:
Send order details with cheque made payable to 'Wellred Book Club' to
Socialist Appeal
PO Box 417
or order via 'contact us' page and internet banking to Kiwibank 38 9007 0527121 00
Socialist Appeal is not backed by big business and is funded entirely on money received from the labour movement.  We need to raise the necessary resources so that the ideas of Marxism are built inside the labour movement.  In order to achieve this we need your help.  Please support Socialist Appeal by either getting involved, subscribing and or donating to Socialist Appeal.