As the year closes and another one begins, and we rush off to the beach for our summer holidays, now is  a good time to reflect on the brief reasons why it would be good to kick the Nats out in 2010!

The National government has now been in power over a year.  The PM's style of a cheesy grin and putting on  the 'she'll be right” Kiwi mate attitude became a trade mark when discussing the economy.  For a bourgeois politician the best way to sum up John  Key is of little political substance and a lightweight. Already we are seeing the cracks appear in the coalition and the true intent of the government rather than the 'Labour lite' policies promised at the election.

This time last year as the effects of the global depression began to bite the new government went on holiday for the summer recess.  John Key holidayed at his multi-million dollar holiday home in Hawaii whilst workers were struggling and jobs were being lost!

Then came the job summit.  To arrest the climbing unemployment figures. The PM decided what we need was a national cycleway and made it a top priority.  Only to find out the $50 million put aside in the budget was woefully inadequate.  So now we're getting 'Great Rides'.  Yes we are certainly being taken for a great ride by the government.

Bright idea #2 from the job summit was the 9 day fortnight.  For those on the nine day fortnight and reduced pay  remember to ask your CEO or senior  manager whether their pay was cut to save jobs Yes the Cabinet decided to exempt the bosses form the deal!

Bright idea #3 sack public sector workers.  How does this stop unemployment rising?

The Finance Minister, Bill English, delivered a doom and gloom budget.  He told the nation to expect 20 years of austerity and that public sector workers should not expect pay rises for the next 5 years - due to the budget deficit blowing out.  He then proceeded with cutting taxes for the rich! He told workers to tighten their belts until they acquired the austerity '”hourglass figure”.  Then the scandal broke. Bill English soon became known as “Double Dipton” for his “legal” parliamentary  housing allowance.

What will 2010 bring I hear you say?  We will face hikes in indirect  taxation, a deteriorating public service.  Already suggested are cuts in  health spending by 10%.  A growing divide between rich and poor, rising unemployment and predictably privatisation.  As the recession is technically over with 0.1 % growth the Nats immediately attacked people on the DPB wanting to force them out to work.  Where are the jobs and affordable child care for solo parents?

Yes the crises of capitalism will deepen within New Zealand.  The Nats will endeavour to put the burden on our shoulders. That's why the Nats need to be kicked out in 2010.  This task belongs to the labour movement. The need for a socialist society here based on workers democracy has never been greater.  The question that will be posed in the future will be a question of socialism or barbarism.