We are constantly being told that there is one year to go to the Rugby World Cup.    What is not being stated that often is that it is also one year to go to the next general election, with the National Party still riding high in the polls!

This will be the last Labour conference before the election.  The need for coherent socialist policies has never been greater.  Worker are under attack from the bosses and their government     

Although the Labour leadership have been campaigning on issues effecting workers with promises of repealing the anti worker legislation before Parliament etc.  There have also been mixed messages too.  Particularly around fiscal policy where workers are told by the leadership  they'll have to see what the government accounts are like before deciding to reverse GST hikes etc.   The problem for the present reformist leadership is that they actually believe they can still grant meaningful reforms within the framework of capitalism.  If that was the case even the National government would be granting reforms to buy social peace.  On this basis an incoming Labour government would be faced with carrying on the cuts.  No doubt they'll argue they''ll do it nicer! A cut is a cut whether the people doing it to you smile while they're doing or not!

Collective Bargaining

At this years conference affiliated unions will be arguing for a return to national collective bargaining across all industry sectors, so that decent conditions can be secured for all workers across the country.

This is a big step forward and one that should be in the Labour Party manifesto for the general election.  In effect this will nullify the Employment Relations Act and the use of individual contracts.  If Labour is to stand a chance of winning the next election then it is policies like these that will win it for them as workers can see that they will be much better off.

The big issue is the economy.  Presently the view appears to be to regulate the market economy and the capitalists will behave themselves.  If it hasn't entered the leadership thinking that if the financial melt down was the doings of a few bad apples the solution would be to lock them up!  However, this was not the case as it is the capitalist system that is broke and no amount of tinkering will fix it.
Only by expropriating the capitalists can long and lasting reforms be guaranteed to workers with the instigation of workers democracy and planning production for need not individual greed accompanied by a foreign policy based on socialist internationalism.

Socialist Appeal supporters will fight for a return of a Labour government and support any reform that is passed in the interest of the working class.  We will demand that they should do more and that the next Labour government adopt socialist measures and take on the bosses system. 

The alternative to this position is the return of an emboldened National government which will unleash an all out assault on workers rights, the public services and  what remains of the Welfare State  


  •  For a Labour victory at the general election
  •  Labour must  adopt  socialist policies