Nationalise Auckland Airport

Finance Minister Michael Cullen announcement that the Labour coalition government was immediately tightening the country's overseas investment rules with regard to stopping strategic assets falling into foreign ownership was an initial setback to the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) in its attempt to take over Auckland Airport: the country's international gateway.

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100% Pure New Zealand -- Or is it?

A damning 450 page government endorsed report released about the state of the environment in New Zealand, unveils shocking details about environmental degradation. It fully exposed the farce of "100% Pure" New Zealand, which this country has been trying to present to the world. The report mentions that a fifth of all ground water is now unsafe to drink, 15% of fish stocks have been over-fished, and more than half the population is breathing sub-standard air. The country's roads are increasingly being clogged by more, older vehicles. In a young country of only 4.2 million people, why is it this bad?

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Terrorism Suppression Act used against activists in New Zealand

At the beginning of the week New Zealand woke up to the news that there was a serious terrorist threat to the Prime Minister and that the police were carrying out militaristic armed raids (something unheard of in New Zealand) across the nation to apprehend the suspected terrorists under the Terrorism Suppression Act 2002 (TSA).

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New Zealand Perspectives

These perspectives constitute an analysis of the deepening social, political and economic crises of New Zealand capitalism. Such perspectives applies the method of Marxism to these developments, seeking to uncover the trends and processes within and serve as a guide to action for all workers and youth who want to struggle for the socialist transformation of society.

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Auckland Docks Strike

Earlier this month there was a very militant 48-hour strike of the New Zealand dockworkers over pay and conditions. As usual, the bosses, while getting fat salaries themselves, claim the dockworkers are already well paid!

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