Parliamentary Cleaners Take Action

Cleaners at Parliament have taken industrial action for the first time ever over their employer's refusal to pay a decent Living Wage.

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Maritime Union Fight Outsourcing

The Maritime Union of New Zealand says outsourcing at Ports of Auckland cannot replace a skilled in-house workforce. Maritime Union Auckland Branch Local 13 President Garry Parsloe says any moves to contract out work by port management would meet strong resistance.


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Socialist Appeal Magazine - Issue #3 - Out Now

Order your copy of Socialist Appeal now.  Issue #3 is available over the autumn months.



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CTU Alternative Economic Strategy - Socialism is the Answer

“… However there is an underlying reason why an alternative economic strategy is required: the economy simply does not work for everyone. It results in massive inequalities, misery on the one hand and huge excess on the other … The economic system which creates and perpetuates such disparate outcomes for people is unworkable”. (Alternative Economic Strategy [AES] p2)

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Us &Them

What Bankers!

What do you give a failed Wall Street bankers that have been bailed out by the tax payer? If you think the sack then think again. According to The BBC Wall Street bankers bonuses for 2009 have gone up a whopping 17% or US$ 20.3 billion. Just mention this to your boss when next negotiating pay!

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